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Vanessa's services reach far beyond organization. My first experience with 'Miss Fix It' came when I felt so disorganized that I did not know where to start. Vanessa's help lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Not only was it nice to know that if I needed help it was available, it was also a wonderful experience because by the end of our time together, I felt that I could maintain the level of organization we had achieved.

In addition, I recently faced a dilemma which caused me to enlist the help of Vanessa, Sandra, and their team. My husband and I put a conditional offer on a house that we became quite attached to. The difficult part was, that we had to sell our house in an area where similar houses to ours were on the market for an average of 50 days. And the house was going on the market in September (not the best time to list). I could tell that although trying to be positive, our agent was concerned due to the limited flexibility of our sell-by date; and to make matters worse, our house did not have a good flow as one walked through it. I did not expect miracles, especially having called Vanessa with little time to spare before the listing date. Somehow, Vanessa and Sandra pulled it off. Not only that, but I got more than my money's worth. My real estate agent was weary of stagers and had given up suggesting them to clients after having had bad experiences. When I went to the house for the 'reveal' my agent was there with a huge grin. It felt like one of those reality TV shows. I hardly recognized the house, and it had a HUGE wow-factor!! The agent increased the list price slightly as a result. Consequently, within the first week of being listed, the house had a conditional offer (from the first couple to go through) and has since officially sold -for very close to list price. As for my agent, he said that he was so impressed that he was going to recommend Vanessa and Sandra to some of his other clients and perhaps ask 'Miss Fix It' to help with his own house.

Vanessa and Sandra are very good at communicating. I could approach them easily with my questions, and they were a calming influence during a stressful time. Even my one year old daughter adores Vanessa and Sandra, and seems to admire their work. 'Miss Fix It' came through for us again; it is just a matter of time before we will be calling to set up another appointment.

Jane Dickie, et al.
Jackson's Point, Ontario

Earlier this year, we required a complete overhaul in order to sell our mother's house which had been neglected since the early 1980's. Our real estate agent recommended that we utilize the services of Miss Fix It as her organization did everything from developing the plans to renovatating and also the staging.

When we first met Vanessa and Sandra, you could tell that these two individuals were genuine. They were there to help you work out a proper strategy as to how much you should spend for the best return on your investment. While certain upgrades are nice, you may not get anything or very little for it.

After we had seen the plans and the estimate, we knew it was the right thing to do. They were up front with us on items which they could not see, eg. damage behind walls but would let us know as soon as they had an opportunity to assess.

In the end, the house looked fantastic and sold within 5 days of listing and all this was in the middle of the summer!! We couldn't have come close to managing this ourselves.

Thanks for all your hard work.
M. Lee,

It is with much pleasure & due credit that I offer herein, affirmations of the , positive experiences, working with ALL of the staff at MISS FIX IT, in particular the company's principal owner, Vanessa Crisci.

For two weeks, I had my home upgraded & staged to prepare for sale. I owned a 2500 sq ft, 4 bdrm, 4 bath house with 14 years worth of culture and 3 teenagers about the house! I knew the challenge Vanessa was facing, but she rose to it & managed the "chaos" with grace & professionalism (along with her #1 side-kick, Sandra!) We contracted to have all repairs & décor in place, in a 2 week span. This was NO small feat, having to procure resources organize/schedule and operate the various "tasks" needed to complete the job.

Vanessa managed all the dynamics beautifully WITHOUT losing her pleasant demeanor, despite delays or unforeseen project issues. Perfection is a myth, as we all know, but there is nothing wrong with striving for it and Vanessa does that, but in a practical & creative manner! The whole gang at MISS FIX IT, overall, was true to their mission statement and personal values. I went through serious personal changes with my 3 teenagers and Miss Fix it, truly DID remove a LOT of "stresses" for me, as they promised. My home sold last week!!

In closing, I want to convey how grateful I am for the "human" touch that Vanessa & Sandra brought to this project, they became "surrogate" Mom & Sister to my family and we missed them after the work was done. As I prepare to launch my own business (early next year) I can wholly appreciate the amount of effort, time and organizational skills, it takes to run a successful company and Vanessa has all those qualities. I also look for "Customer service & inter-relations" which I find is severely lacking in the corporate world, so I was blessed 2 find it in the MISS FIX IT team!

P. Masci,
Patricia Masci,
Richmond Hill, ON
Pres/CFO - Hyperlinks Café Inc

I was completely overwhelmed with trying to sell my home. I work full time and had alot on my plate and was just not able to get to anything that needed to be done. After months and months of it being on the market with no offers I knew there was only one thing to do...GET HELP! After our initial consultation I knew I contacted the right company and I knew you had my best interest. I wish I had called earlier, because after 3 days on the market I can finally say my house is SOLD!!! Thank you so much once again for all of your hard work, you have no idea how much it meant to me. I will be in touch again soon!

Anne McCarthy

Four years ago I promised my daughter a room make-over to change the little girl pink into something more suitable for a worldly teen. For four years we window-shopped and wondered, we planned and then procrastinated, we brainstormed and we Googled. In four years, we just couldn’t pull together a concept that would appease her eclectic tastes. Then we called Miss Fix It. Eight days after our initial consultation it was finished. It was complete. It was DONE! And we both loved it! It was sophisticated without being too adult. It was creative and dramatic. And, it incorporated all sorts of little touches that really showed how closely Vanessa and Sandra had listened when they interviewed my daughter and me. We are both very, very happy with the results.

Thank you!
Kathryn and Victoria,
Newmarket, ON

May 2009
Dear Vanessa,

It is with much appreciation that I write this letter on the behalf of myself and Ray to thank you and Sandra for your expert, professional service you provided in preparing our home for sale.
Your service in organizing, redesigning and your recommendations for staging our home in order to present our asset in the best possible light was instrumental in our 48 hr whirlwind on the real estate market at which time our home sold for $10,000.00 above list price!! Bravo! Both of you have a wonderful way of supporting clients through a very stressful time. Your professionalism understanding, compassion and humour were the qualities we most appreciated.

With Sincere Thanks
Marie & Ray Hardiment
Newmarket, ON

PS. Thank you Sandra for the homemade lasagna, it was delicious and very thoughtful of you. I think there my be an opportunity for a new business. Thanks again.

Hey Vanessa!!

Thanks so much i really appreciate it, it will be much easier for me to put the bathroom together now.

We love the work you did here. Life is so much simpler....and you have inspired me to continue in the rest of the house (well...john was away for 4 days so that may have had something to do with it too....!) AND he was very impressed when he came home and saw the cupboards. He said they look 'classy' now !?!? whatever that means but i know its a good thing :)

Hope life is well for you and you are keeping busy. We will be in touch for any other services we think we might need in the future! And I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and co-workers.

Take care,
Barrie, ON

I was beginning to think that my house would never sell! Im sure you have heard that a million times but its the truth!!! I was getting very discouraged and was starting to think the only way to sell it would be another price reduction. After speaking with you the first time at the consultation I knew that this was going to turn into something positive. I had never done staging before and didnt understand the importance and once I had discussed it with you, it all became very clear. I was hesitant at first with the changes that you had suggested, but once the work was completed I was amazed at how truly beautiful my home was. I was starting to second guess myself on whether or not I should even move! When my home finally sold in 4 days, I was in complete shock, after 6 months of it being on the market with no offers I thought it would never sell. I know it was because of your hard work in showing the true beauty of my home. Honestly you truly are a professional and I will be calling you soon to come and decorate my new home!

Thank You!!!
Karen Roberts
Toronto, ON

Hi Vanessa! Thank you very much for all of your hard work! I sincerely could not have done it without you. I was very overwhelmed and it seemed like the more I tryed the more frustrated I got. All of your expertise, motivation and words of inspiration helped to turn my life around. I truly felt like it was a life changing experience and I feel like I can finally look forward to the future. I will without a doubt recommend you to everyone I know. I truly cant thank you enough!

M. Richards
Richmond Hill, ON

I wanted to thank you and Sandra for your time spent with me going over house decorating and organizing ideas. It was fun and I learned a lot. Once I have the electrical done in the basement, (which will be soon), I can get started on organizing and decorating. I most definitely will contact you in the near future. I will also be passing on your business cards, to anyone who needs your service. In the meantime, thank you for all your advice and the written report. We will be in touch. I was very satisfied with your service! Have a great day.

Paula Alcock-Deak
Newmarket, ON

Hi Vanessa! I just wanted to send a note to let you know how much I enjoyed my 3-hour consultation on Sunday. I learned so much from both you and Sandra. You guys make a great team. You are both very knowledgeable and professional and above all, extremely likeable! Dan and I really enjoyed the time we spent with you and Sandra. You are wonderful people.The report you prepared is excellent! Thanks so much! That is such a wonderful touch.

I hope you’re having a great day!
Once again, thank you for a wonderful experience!

Kelly Geer,
Keswick, ON

Condo For Sale
I listed my condo in the early spring of '08. At the advice of my real estate sales representative, bringing in an organizer/stager was needed to whip the place into shape!

Being a bachelor, I had never taken the time really to set up my place properly, or decorate it. The walls had been painted but that was about it.

When discussing what needed to be done, both Miss Fix It and my sales representative explained to me how I would be able to obtain greater value for my condo if it was organized and staged properly.

Over the course of a few short days, my home was transformed! Not only was it cleaned from one end to the other, but shelves, cupboards and closets were organized, art work hung, furniture re-positioned. It looked so good I didn't want to move!

The end result was that my condo sold for more than I had been advised to expect and in 2 weeks!!! Numerous compliments were received from the more than 20 showings I got in less than two weeks! I am very thankful to Miss Fix It's Vanessa Crisci for helping make the most of my condo!

Bryceson Sheehan,
Condo Owner
Toronto, ON

I didn't know where to start and I felt severley overwhelmed!! I was frustrated with starting and stopping so many times trying to get organized that I just wanted to give up. After speaking with you once, I knew that it was the right decision to hire a professional organizer to get me on track and help me through the entire process. I feel so greatful for all of your help and encouraging words, not to mention the fact that my place looks amazing and I feel great! I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

Kate Richards,
Newmarket, ON

Dear Vanessa,

I am writing to thank you for your help and Miss Fix It services you provided me which ultimately sold my house. As you are aware, I had my home on the market for sale for over 9 month's this past year 2007. After your initial visit, I did not want to make the changes you suggested for painting and moving of the furniture to stage the house properly. I was fed up with having my house on the market for so long, not to mention having to clean 4200 square feet of it all the time.

However after thinking about your plan for staging the home, I called you two days later and agreed. Well that turned out to be the best thing I could ever do, because my house sold three weeks after your team worked their magic. I have to say the rooms looked so much better and the house truly looked like a showpiece.

I know it was your expertise that sold my house because I received three offers in one week. After nine month's on the market I was beginning to think the house would never sell. I now know it was very beneficial to have a fresh eye look at the house and tell me what needed to be done. I just could not see it.

I had numerous comments from real estate agents as well as potential buyers how beautiful and clean my home was.Thank you so much for your help and professional persuasion in the sale of my home and I would not hesitate to recommend you in the future.

Yours truly,
Cathy Tremblett,
Alliston, ON

I recently hired the services of Miss Fix It and was very pleased with the results. I listed a condo that was in dire need of cleaning and organizing, having been lived in for some time by a bachelor.

Vanessa performed an outstanding job cleaning, organizing and staging the condo. I strongly believe that her efforts were a contributing factor in the very fast sale of the condo.

I can, with confidence recommend Miss Fix It as a very accomplished organizer and home stager.

Yours truly,
Kierstan Warren,
Sales Representative,
Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Brokerage
Richmond Hill, ON

After calling several people to help me with my home, I came upon Miss Fix It. I explained my concern about having strangers within my home and not knowing exactly what I wanted or needed. After speaking with Miss Fix It I felt that she covered all my concerns and she was lower in price than the other organizers too! She explained to me all that I could expect and what areas she could cover for me and recommended other services and contacts that I could consider or not consider. This became helpful in the coming months.

Once she arrived I was very surprised at what she could do for me and my family. Miss Fix It made my house a home and one that I could be very proud to show anyone. Miss Fix It and her team were extremely professional and helpful in so many ways. In fact I had Miss Fix It do more that I originally phoned for. I was very pleased and would highly recommend her to anyone in the future.

Ps. In fact I need her again now for my husband's garage!

S. Johnson,
Newmarket, ON

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