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"The Positives May Surprise You!"

STAGING provides a universal style that makes buyers feel at home from the minute they see your home. Are you having trouble selling your home? Not sure what attracts the right buyers? Not sure what colors to choose? Need help arranging furniture in order to show a rooms true potential? Want to make your house stand apart from the competition? Stand out in today's market? Sell faster and for more money? Want multiple offers? Let Miss Fix It maximize the appeal, while minimizing the cost it takes to sell your home.

For every $1 that goes into staging, the seller gets $4 back. Staging doesn't cost, it pays!

Miss Fix It is trained to address the concerns that may be eating up your homes equity. Miss Fix It will downplay the flaws in the house while highlighting its best features. When you make a strong first impression then the only thing buyers think about is your property while viewing other competitor's homes. Let Miss Fix It make your home have the greatest curb appeal, the greatest zip and the right impression in order to place a SOLD sign on your front lawn. It is a proven fact that a home that is clutter free and staged properly can market at a higher listing price and receive more money! Miss Fix It has cost effective solutions and all the right ideas to help you sell your home!

Statistic: The cost of staging your home is far less than your 1st price reduction.

Statistic: 98% of homes staged have sold over the asking price (HGTV Designed To Sell).

Statistic: Only 10% of buyers can visualize the potential of a house, staging helps the remaining 90%.

Statistic: 63% of buyers are willing to pay more for a house that is move in ready.

Statistic: Vacant properties take 78% longer to sell then furnished ones.

Statistic: Homes that were staged sold in 13.8 days and homes that were not staged sold in 30.9 days!


Miss Fix It will meet with you and discuss classic looks to highlight your homes beauty. Miss Fix It will provide you with a 48 page consultation report outlining all the concerns listed hereafter. Miss Fix It will freshen up your home by re-working your furniture, adding new accessories, organizing, creating focal points, going over room scale and balance and choosing new color schemes if needed.

Miss Fix It also offers checklists for before every open house and a checklist for moving!

Miss Fix It also offers three service plans:

1.) Consultation and an interior and exterior full home report which is then left with the homeowner.

2.) Consultation and an interior and exterior full home report and Miss Fix It and her team help you accomplish the suggested tasks. The homeowner handles the rest of it.

3.) Consultation and an interior and exterior full home report and Miss Fix It and her team completes all of the suggested tasks.

Miss Fix It can use your existing homes furniture and accessories or rent a minimal amount of furniture and accessories to save you thousands of dollars! We make the best of what you have!


Are you considering moving or downsizing? Well both events can be very stressful and the list of tasks can seem endless. Everything from condo moves, seniors moves, college moves, university moves or a residential move Miss Fix It can handle them all! Sometimes when moving you don't know where to start or ask for help, sometimes you don't have the help you require. Whether it is going through a few rooms or packing up an entire house why not let Miss Fix It's professional expertise help you through the entire process?

  • Sorting through possessions to decide what needs to be kept, given away or what will fit into your new space
  • Sorting through paperwork to decide what needs to be kept and what needs to be organized properly
  • Packing or unpacking of boxes
  • Labelling of all possessions, boxes etc…
  • Changing of information for your move
  • Arrange for a cleaning company before and after your move
  • Arranging for removal of unwanted items or donating them to charity
  • Utility cancellation and/or hook-up
  • Connection with a professional Real Estate Agent
  • Insurance information
  • Handling of moving company
  • Packing and moving supplies available
  • Heated and non heated storage facilities available

Hiring a professional to help you deal with the stress of moving may be one of the best decisions you can make. Miss Fix It can bring Calm to Chaos and leave you with peace of mind. It is much better to get organized and have everything under control before you move so that moving day will be a breeze!



Want to be stress free when you move in? Have you ever asked yourself why didn't I do this before I moved in?? I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind a few times, So why not let Miss Fix It come into your home before you get it set up and help with storage solutions, closet organizers etc?? Let Miss Fix It's organizing expertise help you set up your new home so that you can start your life in your new home in an organized fashion.


Between work, handling a family or just everyday life, sometimes it's just too hard or too much work to arrange for a sale but the thought of going another year just makes you cringe! So why not call Miss Fix It and let her relieve the stress?

  • Sorting through belongings
  • Organizing of the sale
  • Cleaning and displaying of the items for the sale
  • Contacting of auctioneer if needed
  • Advertising of the sale
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